Total & Permanent Disability

Will you always be able to work? Dimension IV can protect you!

It’s good to plan for the future.

You may have it mapped out – expanding, diversifying, lifestyle changes, home extensions, whatever – but it doesn’t always pan out the way you expect it to.

So when you’re planning, remember that the future is uncertain; allow for the unexpected. You may have life insurance, health insurance, income protection insurance and the like; but what will you do if something happens that permanently prevents you doing your job?

It’s called Total and Permanent Disability. Nobody wants to think about it, just as nobody wants to think about dying. But disabling injuries and illnesses do happen. They have probably happened to someone you know. Haven’t they?
If it happens to you, and if you have Total and Permanent Disability insurance, you will probably get a lump sum. And that lump sum can be a big help at exactly the right time.

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