Case Study:
Sylvia’s Story

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Mum would have missed out if it hadn’t been for Dimension IV.’

Sylvia’s Mum was covered by trauma insurance; so when she contracted Alzheimer’s Disease, she should have been well looked after.
Unfortunately, when she was approaching the end of the term covered by the policy, she had cancelled it instead of renewing it. This meant that the insurance company was not obliged to pay out for her Alzheimer’s Disease, since the policy was no longer in effect.
As she was a Dimension IV client, we stepped in at this point and examined the case.
We were able to show the company that when she cancelled the policy, the lady was already unfortunately showing the early signs of the disease, and that the cancellation did not reflect what she would have done in good health.
To their credit, the insurance company (AIA) agreed with us and reinstated the policy so that she could make a claim on her Alzheimer’s Disease. The insurance company then paid out on her claim.
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