Case Study:
Linda’s Story

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Insurance is our passion

I wasn’t even a Dimension IV client and they helped me.’

Linda was a doctor who had taken out income protection insurance. She was dealing with a sister company of ours about another matter and happened to mention that she had a problem with her insurance.
She had originally taken out a policy that cancelled at age 60, and had been paying the premiums on this policy for 26 years.
At the end of this time she was off work and had made a claim, so her insurance company was duly paying her an income.
During this period, however, her 60th birthday occurred. The policy ‘self-cancelled’ and the insurance company immediately stopped paying her.
When we heard this we decided to take up her case with the insurance company. After a number of discussions with us, they agreed that they should in fact keep on paying her.
Not surprisingly, she is now a client of ours.

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