Case Studies

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Eric’s Story

I was just doing some cladding …
Eric liked to do his own home maintenance as a bit of light relief from his work as a barrister. His wife, of course, had told him to be careful with the ladder – but then she always did.

When the feet of the ladder slipped away and he fell on the concrete, he hit his head. Several weeks in hospital followed as it became apparent that it was more than just a bruise.

When he came out of hospital he realised that although he seemed to be back to normal, he no longer had the sharpness and the memory for detail that he had before the accident. Which meant that the cut and thrust of the courtroom was now beyond him.

We claimed on his behalf on the Total and Permanent Disablement insurance he had taken out (at his wife’s suggestion) a few years before; the insurance company agreed that he was unlikely ever to be a barrister again, and paid him a lump sum which was a great help in reorganising his life and paying off some large debts.

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Linda’s Story

I wasn’t even a Dimension IV client and they helped me.’

Linda was a doctor who had taken out income protection insurance. She was dealing with a sister company of ours about another matter and happened to mention that she had a problem with her insurance.
She had originally taken out a policy that cancelled at age 60, and had been paying the premiums on this policy for 26 years.

At the end of this time she was off work and had made a claim, so her insurance company was duly paying her an income.
During this period, however, her 60th birthday occurred. The policy ‘self-cancelled’ and the insurance company immediately stopped paying her.

When we heard this we decided to take up her case with the insurance company. After a number of discussions with us, they agreed that they should in fact keep on paying her.

Not surprisingly, she is now a client of ours.

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Shelley’s Story

We’re going to use the money to make the house safer for me…”
Shelley was at work one day when she started to see black spots in front of her eyes, and to feel faint. After a number of these fainting spells she went to see her doctor – and discovered that she had POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome). One of the symptoms of this disorder was that she could faint over 30 times a day.

When she made the devastating discovery that she could never return to her job, she made a claim on the Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) insurance she had taken out some time before.

When the insurance company paid her a lump sum, one of the things she and her husband used it for was to make their house a safer place for someone who might faint or get dizzy at any time.

Luckily they still have a house that they can make safer: if they hadn’t taken out the TPD insurance they might have lost it.

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Sylvia’s Story

Mum would have missed out if it hadn’t been for Dimension IV.’

Sylvia’s Mum was covered by trauma insurance; so when she contracted Alzheimer’s Disease, she should have been well looked after.

Unfortunately, when she was approaching the end of the term covered by the policy, she had cancelled it instead of renewing it. This meant that the insurance company was not obliged to pay out for her Alzheimer’s Disease, since the policy was no longer in effect.

As she was a Dimension IV client, we stepped in at this point and examined the case.

We were able to show the company that when she cancelled the policy, the lady was already unfortunately showing the early signs of the disease, and that the cancellation did not reflect what she would have done in good health.

To their credit, the insurance company (AIA) agreed with us and reinstated the policy so that she could make a claim on her Alzheimer’s Disease. The insurance company then paid out on her claim.

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