Have you spent half a lifetime thinking about insurance? We have!

Experience you can trust

Locally owned and operated, Dimension IV offers professional, personalised service.

With over 45 years in insurance between them, James and Geoff know a lot about business – and they have experienced, many times over, the problems that sickness, injury or death can bring to a business. More than that, they know what to do to minimise the impact of this kind of problem.
Most of us would be bored to tears reading an insurance policy. James and Geoff know what to look for, and how to make it work for you. Instead of you having to poke about through documents and quotes figuring out what insurance you might need and how to get it economically, they can do it for you.

Either James or Geoff will be happy to sit and talk to you about your business and your lifestyle and then come up with a recommendation that suits your needs exactly.

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